DeAmicis Studios 2.0

Hello there friends & art lovers. It’s been a little while since we’ve popped on here to give any official updates, but lots has been happening behind-the-scenes at our headquarters. 

As April comes to a close, we’re reminded that we’ve been without our founder and head artist, John, for six months now. Though time isn’t healing our wounds, continuing with John’s work has helped us to feel closer to him – so we must thank you for that. We have not been without an order since the day after he departed this realm and we’re so grateful that you want to continue to honor his memory as much as we do. 

Slowly but surely, we’re updating the website. This is a long-awaited project that John wanted to work on. We’re updating images, content, and are in the process of uploading more products. From more recent craft show favorites to vintage pieces from the archives, there’s lots to enjoy – so be sure to check back regularly. 

We’re eternally grateful for all of the support shown to our little studio over the years – and more so in recent months when our world was turned upside down. John’s mission in life was to make people laugh, inspire them to find their version of happiness, and not take life too seriously! We have rather large creative shoes to fill, but we hope that we can continue to share John’s work and bring smiles to your faces. 

Until next time – be well, 

Lynn, Liz, & Ali DeAmicis 

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  1. thank you all for the love!!, we look forward to hearing from you, if your in NJ, we can visit! if not, call and chat as we won’t be traveling to retail shows , but…you may see us showing up to visit our friends, and maybe visiting if we have time Until then, I wish you and yours Peace, Love and Understanding! 🙏🍀👍😍🫶🌻💔

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