A Quick Note

Hello there, friends and art lovers. We wanted to pop in quickly to say hi there, to give you some updates, and thank you once more. 

Firstly, the site looks a little different. It went untouched for a long time, but John always wanted to do more with it as he transitioned from being on the road at shows to doing more online orders. We’ve been putting in extra hours and new/archived pieces have been added, but there’s so much more on the roster before it’ll be exactly how we want it. In the meantime, browse, shop, and enjoy your time with us. 

Second, we’re in the process of expanding (sort of). You can now find our studio on TikTok and Linktree. In much the same way as the website is evolving, it has taken plenty effort to get our feet under us (getting around algorithms, urging engagement, etc). With these outlets, our ultimate goal is to add more ways to let you own John’s work, give behind-the-scenes insight to our studio process while we continue to honor and remember the artist. If you haven’t already, feel free to follow us on these platforms. 

As we continue spending these months organizing inventory and determining the best way to move forward as a family and a small business, we’re stumbling across stacks of pieces that were never sold publicly, doodles he worked on, and projects he planned to get to but never did. It’s overwhelming and fascinating to see how much work John actually had and get an insight to his thought process – he literally never stopped creating. It’ll take time for us to sort through it all and share what we can, but we’re working on it! At some point, we want to finish projects he never got to and bring the last of his ideas to fruition. We’re also looking at joining IndieMe. We have a few details to iron out before we take the plunge with a membership, but we’re hoping to put some work up in time for their virtual art show in August. 

Lastly, we want to say thank you once again. For the first time since October 2023, right after John passed, we have finally caught up and fulfilled/shipped all orders. We’re amazed that almost eight months after losing our artist & founder, that we have so much on-going support. Family, friends, fellow artists, and galleries have not only kept us busy, but have allowed us to spend time immersed in John’s creative world. It’s given us time to grieve and connect with him in a new way. As time pushes forward, we hope we have the opportunity to continue celebrating his life and legacy with you all. I know we’ve said this before, but John always said that he wanted to be immortal. We would always laugh at such an absurd notion, but as usual (and he’d get such joy at me admitting this), he was right. He was ALWAYS right. 

Although it’s still a sad and difficult time for us, we’re adjusting as best we can, and we’re so grateful that John’s endless portfolio of art can bring hope, inspiration, and a smile to your faces. We’re elated that this community has rallied and remains on the journey with us. Sending love to each and every one of you. 

Until next time, be well – 

The Studio

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