About John

John’s drawings and illustrations have been compared to Charles Bragg and Daumier. He depicts his unusual interpretations of common situations and clichés creating complex and sophisticated satirical art pieces. Fanciful lines flow from his pens and pencils in an antic parade. A keen observer of life, John tends to zero-in on society’s idiosyncratic elements in practicing his brand of work.

A member of the National Cartoonists Society, John has had work in galleries around the world. He has also been commissioned by many corporations and individuals to apply his unique style of artwork and creating to their needs. He is barely able to accommodate the ever-growing demand for his work. Some of the more notable owners of John’s work include Elton John, Shirley Maclaine, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Luciano Pavarotti and Henry Kissinger.

There are approximately 260 pieces in John’s active ‘line’ of work.

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5 thoughts on “About John”

  1. Did you happen to draw a wall street cartoon in 1983
    It was titled Wall Street Market invest your securities in our trust

    1. I have a piece entitled “ the bird” 3/75 on wood block signed by I believe this artist. Can you verify and the age?

  2. I rented found to drawings in a closet in a doctors office. One is having a baby 1990 and the other is happy birth 1984. I posted them on all things lbi, nj and they suggested they might be yours. Can you tell me if they are.

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