Golf Story

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A story for the Golfer in your life.

Unframed (7×16)
Framed (7×16)


Oh the game of golf is exciting and fun. It’s work and it’s pleasure, rolled into one. You enjoy it and you play it every chance that you get. In sunshine or rain, you don’t mind getting wet.

You steady yourself and you stand over the tee. Check your position with the right bend to your knee. With a smile of excitement you go into your swing. You drive the ball far. It’s a spiritual thing! The ball hangs in the air. You beam with your buss. The earth stops for that time. It doesn’t get better than this…

The sand traps, the hazards, the water, the rough…Your acute concentration makes you determined & tough. The approach shot is one of the best that you’ve seen. You get the right bounce as the ball lands on the green. You study it’s slope and the way it may break. You’re sure with your skill it will be easy to make.

You process the info and determine the line. And hit the ball firmly sure that the putt will be fine. It rolls toward the cup, but it doesn’t drop in. So you stand over the ball, and try it again. And again. And again you line up those putts. Who’s idea was this game? It’s driving me nuts!

Finally! You’ve done it with some bumps and a roll. THe ball disappears perfectly right in the hole! You stand there in triumph proud of the golfer you are. Even though on this hole, you’re 12 shots over par!


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