Thinks, Thoughts and Thunks

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A book of writings and illustrations that will make you think and thunk.

Book dimensions – 7×10

Yucky Day
Today is just a yucky day.
Might just stay in bed.
Wear your jammies, close the shades,
and cover up your head.

Stay inside and don’t get up.
Don’t think of going out.
It’s really bad, getting worse,
and the grouchies are about.

Try again tomorrow for today will only stink.
It isn’t going to improve
no matter what you think.

You’ve got to know some days are bad.
There’s not much you can do.
Just keep trying. Don’t give up.
’cause every day’s brand new.


2 reviews for Thinks, Thoughts and Thunks

  1. Kaden

    i read about it in the ne#&rettelsw8230; was looking forward to it.though i have ran out of steam creating iC2W and 5M (and ICL) lol… so i dont think i will win anything… but will try for surehats (i do have a C2W hat) off to the teamu guys rock!! :-*

  2. Michelle

    As I was thumbing through the 3 books on display at the Syracuse Arts Festival, my first thought was that one of them might make a nice gift for my young niece. As I read more of the poems, the thought struck me that these poems sounded an awful lot like a twenty-something year old girl I know. Somehow the writer had managed to channel her spirit. I was sure that the older she got, she’d stop making up words, lose her sense of fun, and act like a serious, jaded grown-up like so many of us become. What a relief! The author has shown me that it doesn’t have to be that way! A person can leave childhood behind and yet still enjoy the wonders and joys of his childhood. And now this fun book of poems is on its way to a twenty-something year old who can truly appreciate its sense of fun and silliness.

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